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“The secret of change is to focus all of our energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new”

                                              - Socrates




With Covid normalizing, the workplace is returning to the second home it was a few years ago. The more hours that are logged the longer the days feel. Situations induced by stress seem to fill the days including chasing deadlines and answering to bosses, which can feel like a never-ending cycle. Changing up our daily work habits doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, as we can start with a simple switch, like the one from coffee to chai. Chai offers a multitude of workplace advantages; so many in fact that they can no longer be ignored. Like our planet our body’s energy must be sustainable to give us a consistent base from which to work. We have all experienced the 2pm coffee crash where we feverishly seek a cup of joe to try and pull ourselves out of an energy pitfall. Not only does chai sustain longer lasting energy than coffee, it also contains immense health properties. The array of masala spices found in chai offer more than just interim energy and help to keep you alert throughout the workday. The base of authentic chai is formed using black tea, which has calming qualities that the medical world has begun to revere. These attributes can help us battle against routine stress found in every workplace. Its time for the western world to learn what Indians have known for a long time, chai is better than coffee in the workplace.




 1. Chai Offers Sustainable Energy with No Crash



We have all experienced the effects of a caffeine crash, especially due to a lack of sleep brought on by a deadline crunch. This crash is a result of a spike in the increase of caffeine dispersed into the body through coffee, but it doesn’t have to be this way. One of the most important benefits of chai is the way that it disperses caffeine slowly, which helps to mitigate any future caffeine crash. The caffeine from chai stays in your blood stream long after the cup is consumed, which does not require you to have as many back to back cups.This means less time back and forth to the kitchen and more time to work so you can actually focus on hitting that deadline. The other nice thing about brewing high quality chai from tea bags in the workplace is that you can control the amount of caffeine in each cup depending upon the amount of time each bag is steeped for. A 2 minute steep will give you less caffeine than a 5-8 minute steep. Therefore at 4 pm, you don’t have a large amount of caffeine in your system that will keep you up all night. Instead you have just enough to keep you focused for the last few hours of work, which steeping your chai tea bag for less time will provide. This makes our Mummyji tea bags perfect for the workplace. This polarizing difference from the jittery effects found when consuming coffee can be huge for people who struggle with energy in the afternoons. The positive energy that can be found in a cup of chai is unmatched by its coffee counterpart. The smooth release of caffeine in chai is far more effective in the work environment than the ups and downs found in coffee. It’s time to say goodbye to that 2 pm crash, and hello to a cleaner and smoother way of getting energy found in authentic Indian chai.

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 2. Health Benefits of Chai’s Quality Ingredients




While tea leaves themselves have a number of benefits that we will further discuss, chai is renowned for its masala spices that give it health benefits far beyond what tea leaves provide. Chai contains ratios of Indian spices that have been perfected over generations to provide a vast amount of health benefits, that each recipe has been mindfully designed to provide. The Origin and Healing Power of Chai – Chai Ghai dates back centuries and has long been a part of both the traditions found in India and also a major factor in the typical workday of many of its citizens. Most Indians enjoy a cup of chai with family to start their day off and continue to drink it while grinding through the workday. It is thus a consistent factor and important part of their work/life balance. When looking at all of the health benefits that chai contains we at Chai Ghai will continue to extol the virtues of chai over coffee as the best option to reach for when looking to get a healthy boost of energy. As we have highlighted on our website there are many different health Benefits – Chai Ghai from the Indian masala spices found in chai. Ingredients such as pepper, cinnamon and ginger help to increase the immune system that has become so important in the workplace with Covid and its many variants at play these days. These spices are also known to stimulate brain function and cognitive awareness increasing productivity and creativity. Turmeric and lemongrass work to fight inflammation and help with pain management, something many of us face while sitting at a desk for 40+ hours a week. Using these spices our chais are designed to help you engage your mind to be able to really focus on what it is doing, while increasing your immune system and fighting inflammation. The masala spices used in our chais have been used as medicine for centuries in India and have so many benefits that when added to your energy source can have prolific effects on your body and mind.




 3. Health Benefits of Tea Including L-Theanine and Use for Antianxiety



The calamity and intensity found at the workplace make it a breeding ground for stress and anxiety. As previously outlined, chai has a number of health benefits derived from its masala spices. However, another very important advantage to drinking chai at work comes from the black tea used in its base. This aid comes in the form of a calming stress fighter called L-Theanine, a powerful amino acid that is naturally contained in green and black teas. L-Theanine can be a potent partner to working towards completing a deadline while fighting anxiety and stress naturally in the body. It does this without causing drowsiness by targeting the brains alpha frequency, significantly increasing its activity and the overall ability to maintain focus during the day. As highlighted in one of our previous blog posts 5 Reasons To Try CHAI – Chai Ghai L-Theanine naturally works to lessen anxiety that is commonly found in many jobs. It does so by both sharpening mental alertness and cleansing stress from the body through its abundant antioxidants. The medical community has recently begun isolating L-Theanine and providing it in pill form to people who suffer from crippling anxiety. Its organic composition found in tea is revered as a miracle aid in the fight against anxiety, so much so that L-Theanine is emerging as an organic marvel in the medical community. The stress and anxiety we all face at work isn’t going anywhere. Instead of attacking it via the jittery, constant crashes that coffee gives us, chai offers an entirely different approach. With L-Theanine, the natural stress fighter as an ally chai will calm us through the calamities we face at work in a natural and organic way.

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“Tea is the magic key to the vault where my brain is kept”

                        -Frances Hardinge



Its 2 pm, and you are bashing your face into your computer screen trying to wake yourself up from yet another caffeine crash. Stop, breathe, and remember there is a solution. Chai has all the energy you need with out the caffeine crash of its ugly cousin coffee. Chai is so much more than just tea, with an array of masala spices added for flavour, along with its many health benefits. The boost in cognitive capabilities doesn’t have to come at a cost anymore. With chai there is a built in warrior that will wage war against the stress and anxiety found in your job. So keep calm and chai on. Don’t quit your job, quit coffee and try one of our amazing authentic Indian chais today.