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Authentic Indian Masala Chai

What Makes Masala Chai from Chai Ghai So Popular?

Whether you are a fan of masala chai or are just curious about why it has become such a sensation, we invite you to join us on this aromatic and flavorful journey. We will share tips for preparing the perfect cup of masala chai at home, decode the ingredients that make up this complex blend of flavors, and highlight the unique benefits that each ingredient brings to the table. 
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Authentic Indian Matcha Chai

Matcha Chai Latte: A Hit or Miss?

Matcha chai latte is a delicious and healthy combination of traditional Indian and Matcha. Matcha's calming effects teamed with chai's energizing qualities along with frothy milk make this beverage a go-to drink for tea lovers all around the world. With the numerous health benefits of matcha, this drink is worth trying out for everyone who is looking for a healthier option for their caffeine or tea fix.
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Authentic Indian Chai

5 Reasons Why Indian Chai is Excellent for Health-conscious Foodie

Indian chai is not just a flavorful, aromatic drink, but it also contains a variety of health benefits. From reducing stress and anxiety to fighting inflammation and improving digestion, Indian chai is a nutritious beverage for health-conscious foodies. In addition to traditional chai mixtures that use black tea, there are also several varieties of herbal chai blends that are caffeine-free and offer their own unique health benefits. Overall, incorporating Indian chai into your daily routine can be a delicious addition to your diet and contribute to overall wellness.
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Authentic Indian chai in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia's Newest Cafe is Serving Up Authentic Indian Chai

For some people, coffee is the ultimate warm hug that brings them ease on a cold winter night or during the abrupt flu. But for others, chai can be a soul-saving drink that makes them feel more alive. With the arrival of Chai Ghai in British Columbia, you now have access to a massive variety of authentic chai that will soothe your soul and leave you wanting more.

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Authentic Indian Chai in Vancouver

Why Vancouver, British Columbia is the Perfect Location for the Chai Ghai Cafe?

Vancouver, located in British Columbia, is a well-established and populated city in Canada. It is estimated that around 1 lakh 25 thousand Indians live in the city and surrounding areas, which makes it the largest city with a South Asian population. With such a large Indian population, Vancouver is the perfect location for an authentic traditional Chai cafe.
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