Origin and Healing Power of Chai – Chai Ghai

Chai Ghai creates flavourful, aromatic chai blends that are rooted in family, preserved through tradition and maintained with love. Our chai recipes originate from Ancient India, ancestral antidotes dating back over 5,000 years, conceptualized by the Maharaja's request for a tea combined with healing spices. There are a myriad of health benefits thanks to hand-selected spices that were specifically chosen because of their healing elements. Whether you are looking to protect heart health, boost your immune system or alleviate inflammation, chai tea has healing benefits galore. 


For centuries Ayurvedic medicine, an Indian holistic healing system has revered chai for it’s robust health benefits. Ayurvedic practice encourages natural remedies to optimize health and recognizes the importance of an harmonious connection between mind, body, spirit and environment. Chai awakens your senses, rejuvenates chakras and instantly makes you feel calm, refreshed, alive and wholesome. As researchers delve deeper into the ingredients of chai, the more evidence emerges of its healing elements naturally found in the body.


Chai Ghai is mindful that your body is your home and what you put into it matters. Our tea is enhanced with these powerful ingredients: 

We share our ancient family recipes with you to assist you in nourishing, protecting and respecting your body that is a temple worthy of worship. Live healthier with chai. We remain grounded in life until we need to touch the sky, levitate with your next cup of Chai Ghai.