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"We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience, but Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience"

-Pierre Tielhard De Chardin


What Is The Human Experience?

Our state of being enables us, like no other organism on the planet, to have an experience which goes beyond the five senses. The human experience is an awareness of self that is rooted in a higher consciousness. The shared beliefs, ideas and feelings of connectiveness contribute to the collective consciousness that fosters society. The way in which we interact with the universe and its energies is critical to our human experience. Our energy is determined by many facets, including both our conscious and unconscious mind which make up our state of being. The conscious mind contains all of the thoughts, memories, feelings, and wishes we are aware of at any given moment; whereas the unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness. Although it is still unclear what the effects of food on the unconscious mind are, its impact on the conscious mind can certainly be both positive and negative. What we put into our body can affect our entire human experience. Processed foods and unhealthy fats diminish our energy as oppose to elevating it. Our bodies have not evolved to break down ingredients in genetically modified organisms. That is why the quality and source of what we put in our body must be carefully selected. For this reason Chai Ghai selects only the best ingredients for the many drinks in our spectrum of vibes. We have discussed before that spikes in caffeine from coffee can lead to crashes in our mental acuity and overall energy, but the smooth release of caffeine through tea, along with theanine can minimize crashes and provide cognitive clarity over a longer period of time. This example illustrates clearly that what we put in our body can affect our human experience.


 How Input Affects Output?



Our aura and ability to connect with our external energy is reliant on the frequency of our internal energy. What we consume can affect the level of our vibrational energy, enhancing our connection to the outside world or making us feel tired and disconnected. What we put into our bodies has a profound effect on our mental health. The food can have a positive effect by increasing the vibrational energy, or a negative effect  by decreasing the vibrational energy, altering our moods. One way of looking at this is to equate your body to a business. The inputs or factors of production in your business affect the total amount it can produce at any given time. If the inputs, such as human resources, are lacking in any way, the total amount your business can produce will suffer. The same can be said for your body. By choosing higher quality factors of production to input into our body, the requisite output would also increase exponentially. Our human experience changes depending upon how we feel and can be entirely different if we are feeling good compared to when we are feeling mentally or physically unwell. If we consume something that makes us feel unwell, our human experience will be vastly different. Therefore, the nourishment we take into our body directly impacts our human experience and our vibrational energy will dictate our perceptions of the outside world. 

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Our Bodies And The Planet Love Organic Products




Being mindful of the products we use is an important aspect when considering their affect on us, as well as how their production and use affects the carbon footprint they place upon the world. Using organic products that are generally pesticide free, lower in preservatives and better for the environment can have a large impact on us internally, as well as the planet. These products not only affect our internal energy, making our human experience more positive, but also play a role in lessening the impact they have on the environment by lowering carbon emissions. The vibrations we radiate out into the universe begin internally, and our bodies react better to organically created ingredients as they have evolved to handle them over centuries. Since we are mindful of this notion, Chai Ghai’s positive vibe section of our vibe spectrum features Om Chai – Chai Ghai an organic chai that surpasses this standard. Om Chai is completely organic, and is sourced through sustainable resources. The goal is to create positive vibes both internally and on a global level. We also proudly offer two other organic blends in the chill vibes section of our vibe spectrum, Turmeric Tonic – Chai Ghai and Belly Dancer – Chai Ghai. Both of these blends are organically sourced from the best ingredients in order to generate the best human experience possible. The myriad of health benefits of these three chais and their organic ingredients are highlighted further here: Chai Ghai. Chai Ghai’s belief in mindfulness and karma further magnifies the importance of sustainable organic ingredients, and we have carefully selected vendors who share this same passion. Knowing the importance of sustainable resources, our missions is to enlighten readers, in hopes of emanating positive vibes outwards like the principle of karma. We believe that the correlation between the organic ingredients found in our nourishment and our health can lead to more of a positive human experience.



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Energy Increases When Quality Increases



The human experience is a state dependent on our thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and vibrational frequency which can be altered by what we put in our body. Many shamans have experimented with different herbs to affect their state of consciousness, thus creating spiritual experiences. In the same sense, many people consume different types of food and have different human experiences as a result. A strong example of this comes from consuming too many preservatives in our food and beverages, which can often lead to an overall sluggish feeling and a shortage of energy. Our body reacts poorly to these ingredients, and the result is less energy and a weakened state of being. Products that are packed with additives to increase shelf life are produced with no real regard for how their contents can negatively impact consumers. These additives can also affect our sleep patterns, having a large impact on our unconscious mind as well. Our ability to absorb all that life has to offer is dependent on the wellness of our conscious mind, which is directly affected by the nourishment we choose for it. High quality products work to create energy instead of absorbing it and are thus the better choice in order to increase productivity and create an overall positive human experience.



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Mind-Body Connection Enhances The Human Experience


Another way in which our human experience can be improved is through the connection we achieve when our mind, body and spirit are all vibrating in synchronicity. One vital way to achieve this, that we’ve touched on relates to how what we consume affect our overall feelings of well-being. This connection can be made through listening to our conscious mind and feeling the energy vibrations within our body. By doing this we can provide our mind, body and spirit with the necessary nourishment needed to create a harmonious connection between them. By fueling our body with the proper nourishment we can alter our conscious mind, thus strengthening the mind, body and spirit connection. The connection between a healthy mind, body and spirit is also stimulated through breathing exercises and yoga practices further explained in a previous Chai Guide that can be found here: 4 Breathing Exercises That Promote Mindfulness – Chai Ghai. The idea that we can change our internal energy and thus the aura we project through breathing exercises set forth by yogi’s dates back centuries. This concept has been expanded upon as it relates to what we choose to give our bodies. The awakening of our mind, body and spiritual connection can be profound when we opt for the right ingredients to promote this connection.


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"The more I begin to understand the mind and the human experience, the more I begin to suspect there is no such things as unhappiness; there is only ungratefulness" 




The conscious and unconscious mind are paramount in the way the human experience differs from experiences of other organisms on Earth. The internal energy we generate can be affected by the things we use to fuel it. This energy can determine the nature of our human experience. Whether or not we are full of positive or negative vibes will be seen in our aura, and directly impact our interactions with the energies of the universe. As a result, we believe it is our responsibility to provide chai and tea to consumers that feature the best possible ingredients that enhance their human experience. For this reason we take the quality of our ingredients very seriously and have mindfully selected the ratios of these ingredients through generations of trial and error in order to provide you with the best health benefits. Enlighten your conscious and unconscious mind on a higher frequency by selecting nourishment that strengthens your mind, body and spirit connection, allowing you to have the absolute best human experience possible.