The Secret Ghai Family Chai Nog Latte Recipe Revealed – Chai Ghai

"The Secrets In The Sauce" 

           -Sipsey, Fried Green Tomatoes



The crackling fire at my feet used to emit a heat and smell that would counteract my frozen face and hands after a day of snowballs, toboggans and building snowmen. But still frozen solid, I always liked something else around this time to dethaw and warm up. The Ghai Family’s secret to warmth around this time of the year was our Chai Nog Latte. Authentically Indian, and uniquely Canadian, this drink started off being mastered by my mother, Neera Ghai. Years later, when I decided to make one for myself, and mom wasn’t around, I made some tweaks. After trying it out at a few family functions, it was agreed, this was the new secret Ghai family chai nog latte. This isn’t an everyday drink, so why should it be made in an everyday way. Like any good novelty drink beverage, the secret is in both the quality ingredients used, and the ratios of the these ingredients. The immediate positive energy the is released with every sip of this incredible seasonal delight is sure to radiate through your family tying a ribbon on your Christmas this year. The most important ingredient as remind to me by my grandmother, Mummyji, is LOVE. This Christmas season enjoy our fusion of cultures when east meets west for a delicious yuletide treat.




After getting the nods from the heads of the Ghai family, I present to you the Secret Ghai Family Chai Nog Latte Recipe:

Ingredients for 2 servings:

4 teaspoons of Mummyjis Masala Chai: Black tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black and White Pepper, Clove, Nutmeg

Powdered nutmeg

1 piece of star anise

1 Cinnamon stick

1 Cup of eggnog

¼  Cup of cream

Aerosol Whipped cream


Boil 1 and half cups of water on medium in a sauce pan on your stove.

Once it reaches a simmering boil, add 4 heaping teaspoons of Mummyji’s Masala Chai. Let the tea and ingredients steep for 4-5 minutes depending on the strength your prefer.

You can now, either steam ¼ cup of cream and 1 cup of eggnog together, or you can do it the Desi way, and add the ¼ cup of cream to the boiling tea and masala spices. While doing this you can steam the egg nog. Do not boil the eggnog, It will curdle.

I prefer the latter, but many like the former as well.

Merge the tea with either the steam milked and eggnog, or the chai with eggnog, depending on how you did the previous step.

Garnish the cups with first some whip cream on top of the chai, and then powdered nutmeg, one stick of cinnamon and one piece of star anise.




The result is the not secret anymore Ghai family Chai Nog Latte. This is guaranteed to get you in the festive spirit and will leave your taste buds craving more. Chai and Christmas share their essence which is family and togetherness. So sip this beverage with your family this Christmas, and enjoy all the season has to offer. With out a question, the secret is in the sauce, or in this case the chai you use. Try our Mummyji’s Masala Chai – Chai Ghai and right now for the holiday season we have a buy one get one free special going on! From our family to yours, Merry Christmas, and Namaste.