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5 Reasons to Try Chai



As Aldous Huxley said “if the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite”. This is a testament to the importance of open-mindedness. When it comes to Eastern culture, the Western world still has its barriers. Chai helps to break these down and further offers a myriad of health benefits, not only physically and mentally, but on a holistic level as well, opening up the 7 Chakras. Chai contains essential Amino Acids such as Theanine and is also rich in Antioxidants, including Catechins, that work to keep cells in the body healthy and the Third Eye Chakra operating at its optimal level. Chai gives us these fundamental nutrients while also creating a calm, but focused feeling that can last throughout the day. Caffeine literally opens up the mind, so why not try Chai as a new source of nourishment. A cup of Chai, because of how it is brewed, also releases caffeine at a slower rate than coffee, spreading out its many benefits, over a longer period of time, without the crash that coffee is known for. On top of that, the spices used in brewing Chai, such as Cinnamon,  Holy Basil, Ginger and Cardamom are incredibly flavourful, along with their role in maintaining optimal health in both mind and body. Furthermore, drinking Chai offers a chance to reflect, for the Third Eye to open up and connect with the minds inner realms on a deeper, more spiritual level. The time spent drinking a cup of Chai can be used to consider how we impact the world; how our Seva spreads outward. We at Chai Ghai are mindful of this and we hope to those feelings ripple outwards with each sip.


The 5 Reasons:


1. Theanine


Known to reduce stress and increase alertness, L-theanine, one of Theanine’s two types, operates as a mood inhibitor or stimulant promoting a sense of attentive relaxation. L-theanine really features the best of both worlds, as it boosts alpha brain activity and is also non-drowsy. It creates a nice, serene feeling in the body, while at the same time elevating mental acuity. Through clearing any mental blockages working to impede the Third Eye Chakra, it further helps us to maintain focus on daily tasks with a sharper eye, really opening up our full potential. By enhancing cognitive function, L-theanine can not only sustain attention span for longer, but also aid in the recall of specific words in order to allow for more accurate communication.  For this important reason, L-theanine can also be looked to as a ward against early onset Alzheimers, as it helps to prolong mental focus and slow the degeneration of cells that cause Dementia.

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L-theanine also raises GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) levels that promote serenity in the body. It can help one levitate beyond everyday stresses towards mindful self realization. This facilitates the slowing of signals in neurotransmission, meaning not only does GABA create a more tranquil feeling; it also works to lessen the anxiety inducing receptors in the body as well. Regulated GABA levels serve as added support in the communication between brain cells. This creates a further release of the Third Eye Chakra, by crystallizing perception and focusing awareness inward, so communication of the self can be fully fostered. GABA also inhibits the activity of nerve cells which work to control fear that accumulates as neurons become overexcited. When adequate GABA levels are sustained, the likelihood of sleep disorders is also reduced, making it an important neurotransmitter in the regulation of healthy sleep cycles. This empirical evidence supports the spiritual benefits of L-theanine accrued by a warm cup of Chai. By releasing stress and inducing positive vibrations throughout the 7 Chakras Chai supplies the nutrients needed to maintain a constant flow of energy, allowing it to hum along at its optimal frequency.

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2.  Antioxidants

Chai is also an abundant source of Antioxidants, which help to expunge harmful Free Radicals from the body. Free Radicals work to obstruct mindfulness and dampen the aura of self that strives for clarity. The micronutrient Polyphenols act as a reducing agent and work to protect tissue in the body against the imbalance between Free Radicals and Antioxidants. Such an imbalance can damage DNA, cells and protein with designs on speeding up aging. These Antioxidants include Catechins, which work to protect against the damage of cells from Free Radicals. Formed from Catechins, another Antioxidant Theaflavins are distinctive to black tea and formed when the tea leaves oxidize. These enzymes are necessary in digestion, allowing for proper dietary function and overall gut health and helping to reinforce the Solar Plex Chakra, the center for will and power in the body.

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Thearubigins, another extract formed from Catechins, relate to the genes and proteins that form Osteoclast, the cells that degrade bone. Osteoclast use podosomes, cell structures that work to weaken the overall composition of the body, causing decay. Thearubigins account for more than half of the water extractable material found in black tea, so drinking Chai can go a long way in increasing skeletal fortitude and wellbeing and strengthening the Root Chakra by making sure our body tissue is nutrient rich.



These important Antioxidants further serve to prevent degenerative diseases. The Antioxidants found in Chai also work to lower the risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis because of their anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory inhibitors further aid in the prevention of some cancers, as they work to delay the progression of Tumorigenesis, the production of tumors and Carcinogenesis, the process by which cancer cells are formed. Antioxidants work to keep the Heart Chakra open and synchronized, to create a balance where self-esteem and confidence can manifest. Our own Open Hearted Chai is the perfect example to demonstrate how Chai can be so worthwhile in maintaining optimal health. Due to the strong infusion of these properties found in Chai, the nourishment that it contains is abundantly clear.




3. Amino Acids Release the Caffeine Slower



Amino Acids are organic units that coalesce to form proteins in our bodies. The slower release of caffeine spreads out the distribution of Amino Acids, which can benefit all parts of the day; from yoga in the morning, to a meeting in the afternoon or a conversation to wrap up the day. Coffee, that jolt or sudden spike in serotonin, works quickly, but also descends abruptly. This waxing and waning of blood sugar creates more ups and downs mentally and emotionally throughout the day. This imbalance works to disrupt the Third Eye Chakra, throwing it off its axis and creating disharmony within one’s self. Since Chai offers a slower release of caffeine, serotonin and dopamine levels are sustained for a longer period of time, ensuring that energy won’t lapse when it is needed most. Furthermore, since Chai is brewed using natural ingredients that aid in the bodies optimal output, our Third Eye Chakra is able to flourish, allowing for a more mindful approach to the day.

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Chai can also be consumed at anytime to continuously feed serotonin and dopamine levels, helping to maintain a more constant state of uplift and a stable flow of energy to the Third Eye Chakra. The control of caffeine intake can be better regulated when drinking Chai, especially when measuring out the amount of leaves used and particularly how long they steep for. For this reason there is a higher chance of being able to ride a consistent wave of high spirits, instead of experiencing emotional peaks and valleys that affect ones mood. Amino Acids are the building blocks upon which the body uses protein to repair cell tissue and create energy that allows the Crown Chakra to strive towards enlightenment and the recognition of one’s true self. A slower more regulated and thus more consistent release of these essential nutrients can only lead to a higher functioning body, both mentally and physically. All of these principles help foster open-mindedness and reflection when drinking Chai and enjoying its many nourishing health perks.

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4. Spices

With a mélange of spices, each cup of Chai is packed with health infused nutrients, really working to bring all 7 Chakras into synchronicity. This allows for self realization to occur, enabling ideal conditions for enlightenment. Spices such as Cinnamon, Holy Basil, Ginger and Cardamom play an important part in a person’s overall wellbeing. Cinnamon is especially good at keeping blood pressure down and thus may help stave off hypertension, particularly for those who have diabetes. Multiple cups of Chai a day can be a good way to reduce overall blood pressure levels and help keep them down. Holy Basil, or Tulsi, contains rooibus which fosters balance in nervous system activity, bringing back the feeling of center so important to the 7 Chakras. It also helps support proper immune function in the body, meaning it can be enjoyed anytime of the day, even before bed. It is also said to aid those that suffer from insomnia, as it works to create a more relaxed mind; less focused on the stresses of the day, that seek to impede a good night’s sleep.

Rooibos for reducing stress | Klipopmekaar



Ginger is another valuable spice that is great for the stomach by promoting proper digestion, reducing nausea and also giving some relief to morning sickness during pregnancy. It is also a spice, found in some research, to aid in the prevention of cancerous cells, something that Cardamom, another spice used in Chai, is known for as well. Cardamom can also play a part in weight loss as it helps to reduce blood sugar and encourage healthy digestion. All of these spices found in Chai, among others, are important factors in opening up the Third Eye and promoting good health, while also creating some of the most delicious flavours on offer to the human palate.

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5. Giving Back with Every Sip

As highlighted in our previous blog post Seva is vital to the work we do at Chai Ghai. Our mantra of giving back with every sip directly impacts our relationship to our community and ripples outwards to the world at large. It was our great pleasure to meet with the Delta Fire Department, one of the pillars of our community, last weekend in Tsawwassen. They have long served our community through the most self sacrificing of acts, putting out fires. They are constantly in harm’s way and literally walk into burning buildings to protect us from harm. Their jobs do not stop there, as they are also on site first responders to many crises. They provide a blanket of comfort and protection that we don’t always see, but certainly feel. It was an honour to be able to give something back to these brave firefighters; citizens of our community who do so much to keep it safe. We wish to help them always perform at their best and have thus pledged to keep their fire house stocked with Chai Ghai products, giving them the energy they need to do so. We greatly appreciate everything that the Delta Fire Department does for our community and we look forward to continuing our Seva by giving back with every sip.

Fire Hall No. 2 (delta.ca)



Chai certainly offers a door to open-mindedness, from its many health benefits, such as Amino Acids, Theanine and Antioxidants, to the feeling of mindful self reflection and synchronicity of the 7 Chakras it gives off with each sip. Chai Ghai offers a variety of versions of Chai that work to cleanse and align our Chakras in many different ways. The variety of flavours found in each of our blends seeks to excite the taste buds, so a different brew can be enjoyed everyday of the week. Moreover, Chai is not saddled with the same stigma that coffee has regarding caffeine overindulgence and can generally be thought of as a complement to a productive day rather than a necessity. Coffee is used as a catalyst to maintain energy levels, but it can often drive that energy into a wall, leading to unproductive lows. The healthy properties in Chai seek to maintain energy that radiates out of a cup of Chai. Chai is nourishment for the body, mind and soul and can permeate all of our 7 Chakras to create a calm, but alert feeling of levity that lasts longer, opening up the Third Eye Chakra to its infinite possibilities. With Chai Ghai products we hope to open up your Chakras and help optimize your body’s flow of energy towards holistic health, with the benefits and pleasures of open-mindedness that Chai can offer while drinking any of our signature blends.