September| Namaste Newsletter – Chai Ghai





"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."


The universal energy we interact with becomes a part of our own energy. Our mission since day 1 at Chai Ghai has been to change with world with each sip. To further understand what we mean by this, we share with you what was once shared to our Founder, Sunil Ghai, by his Grandmother Mummyji. The universe exists so that you can contribute to it. Its more important to give then it is to receive. This concept that Mummyji spoke of was called Seva, which is the selfless act of giving. Seva is the foundation of Chai Ghai and is the ultimate purpose of sharing Mummyji and her ancestors' sacred chai recipes with the world. The month of September we embrace our foundation and with the proceeds from our sales donated gift packages to the Downtown Eastside Women's Center. We also released yet another small batch release, South African Cranberry. October similarly will have us raise money for another great cause The Foundry that works with at risk youth and gives them a safe and nurturing place to go to. We will also talk about the new small batch release coming very soon. We hope as we move into the chill vibes of the winter months that our amazing array of chais and teas can keep you warm full of positive vibrations. 


SEVA: Downtown Eastside Women's Center 

It is our privilege to work with the Downtown Eastside Women's Center, a place that helps over 500 women on the streets of Vancouver every single day. The energy and commitment to making those displaced feel warm and welcomed has inspired our efforts greatly. This month we used proceeds from our sales to provide this incredible beacon of hope with gift bundles for the women they support. Although we are proud of effort to make the world a better place with each sip, we know that much more needs to be done. We look forward to continuing our efforts with them and supporting them in any way we can. Namaste DEWC, the light in us honours the light in you. 



Small Batch Release: English Breakfast


This month we are proud to release a favourite in the tea world. After searching out and try endless amounts of English Breakfast tea, a unique blend cultivated years ago, we found the perfect blend that matches the quality tasted in all of our other chais and teas. Dabble in nobility with the balanced breakfast tea that brews a coppery tone and exudes incredible scents. Of course like all of our small batch releases, English Breakfast is limited in quantities so make sure to order yours while it lasts.



The Foundry Fundraiser  


World Mental Health day is October 10th, 2022. We are planning on donating $2 from each order to The Foundry on this day. The Foundry is a save haven for at risk youth. The provide them food, shelter and physicians along with many many other things. The foundry works with troubled youth to help them find a different path to treating their mental health issues and open communication between them and mental health professionals. We are so honoured to continue our work with them and help support them with their goals. Please make sure to order your favourite chais on this day and help us further our goal of changing the world with each sip. 


  "Never look down on someone unless its to offer them a hand up"




The divinity of the universe is contingent on the spreading of love and positivity. The idea of seva dates back beyond Mummyji, although she was a living example of the concept. It is in her name we wish to continue to make the world a better place with each sip of our chai. We want to thank our entire Chai Ghai family for helping us do this. With out you none of our seva could be possible. May divine universe feel our collective love and energy.  Namaste 🙏🏾