October | Namaste Newsletter – Chai Ghai





"Peace can only survive when fed peace ."


As the leaves fall from the trees, we shed our summer self and welcome our winter self. For chai lovers, there is nothing like a warm cup of chai on a cold winter day, especially the way mom used to make it. Fall and Winter bring the end of the year which tend to stimulate reflection. We at Chai Ghai, have been reflecting on the beautiful October that past, and all that our Chai Ghai family did to support some incredible causes. We raised funds for The Foundry, a safe haven for at risk youth here in BC. We thank everyone who purchased on Mental Health Day as your proceeds went to support our friends at The Foundry. We also celebrated Diwali and Halloween with some amazing sales, and a great contest giveaway. Our gratitude is brimming for what the future has in store with a new Chai Ghai Cafe set to open. But we must recenter in the present and say "Namaste Chai Ghai Family" 🙏🏾.


SEVA: The Foundry

There is no greater honour, then the honour to give back to our local and global communities. Seva, the selfless act of giving, was a notion Mummyji spoke of a lot while cooking her family chai. Seva is the core of our mission at Chai Ghai with the goal of making the world better with each sip. In October, we saw Mental Health Day as an opportunity to raise funds for The Foundry, an organization that creates safety for at risk youth. They do this through providing food, group sessions, counselling, medical attention, school and job opportunities and many other incredible services to at risk youth. Their love support and help in mental health has been an inspiration to rally behind. Namaste  The Foundry, the light in us honours the light in you.  




Diwali Contest Winners


October is a revered time for Indians as they celebrate the many festivities that surround Diwali. For those who have been reading our Chai Guides for a while, they may remember an in depth guide on exactly what Diwali is. For those that haven't, its right here. We chose to celebrate Diwali this year with a huge contest giveaway. Thank you to the many of you who played, and here are the winners: 

Grand Prize Winner: Johanna Newman

Runner ups: Katrina Wofford, Diane Belanger

Congrats to all the winners!!




Coming Soon: Chai Ghai Cafe

Maybe the most exciting news we have had in a long time is that we are opening our first Chai Ghai cafe! The location is set to be on Granville Street in Vancouver, and we are projected to be open the first day of March. We will be offering all of our incredible chais and teas to stay and sip or to go. We will also be serving mouther watering muffins and cakes including India's famous rusk, which is perfect for dipping in Chai. With other Indian snacks like samosas, Chai Ghai will be the perfect place have a snack and sip the Indian way. Stay tuned with more details shortly, but to  anyone in Vancouver looking for hot authentic Chai, we have you covered. 


  "The greatest good is what we do for one another"

-Mother Teresa




With united hearts we can work together to make this universe radiate with positive vibes. Thank you to all of you who supported The Foundry on mental health day, and to those of you entered our Diwali contest. The Chai Ghai Family is absolutely incredible, and with out you we couldn't continue to help our community. As we look into the exciting future, we are truly excited about our new cafe location and being able to share our incredible recipes with you in person. But as we recenter in the present we would like to say, "The light in us honours and cherishes the light in all of you. Namaste 🙏🏾".