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Chai Ghai would like to take this opportunity to say Namaste to our chai family. Namaste in Hindi is a respectful greeting. In Indian culture chai is used to build connection and togetherness with family and friends. It is the intention of Namaste to do the same. Through every sip we hope to ignite conversations, provide resources, share stories, and encourage thoughtful dialogue around chai, health, and community. 


Chai Ghai ethos centres around making the world better, with every sip. Our tea is created by refining traditional recipes that ensure authentic flavour, utilizing innovation for sustainability, and using contemporary concepts to evoke positive social growth. Everything we do here is with our family in mind so we would like to take a moment to welcome you to our family and say Namaste. 


Nat’s Coffee House is located in South Delta, at the Tsawwassen Springs golf course. They are the newest members of the Chai Ghai family. Nat’s Coffee House, named after Nat Bailey, local BC Legend, is the premier destination for hot beverages and warm eats in sunny Tsawwassen. Nat’s is now serving Chai Ghai’s Mummyji’s Masala Chai. We shared our knowledge in brewing the perfect cup of chai with the incredible staff at Nat’s. If you are on the go and looking for that perfect cup of chai head to Nat’s Coffee House and simply enjoy.

Nat's Coffee House (


Chai Ghai believes our company and products should contribute to making the world a better and brighter place. Our business was conceptualized with seva as one of its guiding/fundamental principles. Seva is a word in Sanskrit meaning selfless service. In Ancient India, seva was inspired by the belief that selflessly giving to others increases spiritual growth as well as contributes to the betterment of the community. We recognize the power of community and the importance of helping others which is why, in the spirit of seva, 2% of proceeds from Chai Ghai sales are donated back to our community. As advocates for positive social growth our first community contribution is to the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre. Within the last month we have donated 2% of our proceeds to the DEWC. We also helped raise $5,000 through the Ghai Foundation for DEWC. The Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter is a safe haven, known as surakshit thikaana in Sanskrit, that supports and empowers women when they are vulnerable and need it the most. They provide practical support and a continuum of care in the form of basic needs, a refuge from conditions of poverty and violence, as well as an environment to help reignite a feeling of belonging and self-worth. The DEWC can serve over 500 women, children and seniors, every day. We are thankful there are surakshit thikaanas like the DEWC within our community and grateful we can contribute to their incredible efforts.


Next we will be donating 2% of proceeds and raising funds for a wonderful organization called Foundry. Foundry offers young people ages 12-24 health and wellness resources, services and support. Integrating health care and social services under one roof, Foundry efficiently provides the best resources for each youth individually. We love their initiative to create an environment for young adults to feel empowered and thrive. For information on this incredible organization, that has already done so much good, view their website here:

Foundry - Where Wellness Takes Shape - (


As we look forward to continuing to make the world better, with every sip, we would love to align our community contribution with a worthy cause that is important to you. Please share with us (via email) the causes or programs that engage your heart and why they ignite your sense of seva for an opportunity for us to collaborate with you.  


Chai Ghai is now sharing our unique stories, knowledge, and guidance on our weekly blog called Chai Guides. Here you will discover a diversity of topics and guides. Our most recent Chai Guide illuminates the Origin and Healing Power of Chai. Our bodies are our homes, our temples and are worthy of worship. With the healing spices offered in our chais we help you to respect, nurture and love your body that is your home. Our next Chai Guide is on the social benefits of Chai Ghai, we are excited to share our insights with you. You can find our Chai Guides here:

Chai Guides – Chai Ghai


Thank you, Jennifer MacMillan for tagging Chai Ghai in your morning yoga pose and incorporating us in your daily Zen. Jennifer embodies everything that Chai Ghai stands for. She is generous, volunteers her time, and embraces the spiritual universe. We are happy to award her with a very special Chai Ghai gift set in recognition of her spiritual warrior status. Namaste Jennifer.


We want to enjoy your chai with you. Share with us (via email) what your favorite chai is, and we will include a free 50g pouch of it with your next Chai Ghai purchase.