Chai Ghai x Fairmont Giveaway Sign Up Form

Giveaway Sign Up Form

Chai Ghai The Best Alternative for Coffee Authentic Indian Chai Giveaway With Sid & Sherry - Waddup CanadaSarah Wickett &
Chai Ghai has teamed up with @Waddupcanada on Instagram to




Here is how you can WIN......

How to Win?

Simple, just follow these steps! 

1. Follow @Chai.ghai & @Waddupcanada on Instagram for 1 entry.

2. Tag (2) people underneath one of the 2 Giveaway Instagram Post
(If you comment on more than 1 post it counts as an additional entry!).

3. WIN!


BONUS #1Fill out this Chai Ghai Giveaway Form and get counted as 10 entries!

BONUS #2: Share hare this post to your story and tag @Chai.Ghai &  @Waddupcanada  to get counted as 5 entries! 
 who referred you!

When Does it End?

Contest ends March 12th!

When Will Winners Be Announced?

Winners will be announced March 20th 2022 Sunday on @Chai.ghai , @Waddupcanada on Instagram and contacted via E-Mail & Instagram DM!

❓ FAQ ❓

Q: What is the jurisdiction of this Giveaway?

A: This is a Canada Exclusive Giveaway.

Q: If I enter more than once do I need to fill out the form?

A: No, you only need to fill out the form once!

Q: What if I win , but miss the announcement on IG?

A: Don't worry, we will contact you VIA E-mail & Instagram DM. You will have 1 Week from March 20th to claim your prize before it is re-raffled.

Q: Does my Tagged friends need to follow the accounts?

A: No , but we highly recommend you both participate to increase your chances to win!

Q: Can I enter more than once?

A: Yes, you can enter as many times as you want by commenting and tagging somebody new underneath the Giveaway post.

Q: How will winners be picked and contacted?

A: Sid & Sherry and Chai Ghai will randomly pick a winner on the stories to announce. Chai Ghai will then send you your prizes.

Q: How many winners will be chosen?

A: 2 Winners will chosen. 1 from @Chaighai's audience and 1 from @Waddupcanada's audience.

Q: Which accounts should I follow and comment on their Giveaway post to enter?

A: You must comment on and Follow both accounts. @Chai.ghai  @Waddupcanada