Taste Strawberry Summer Breeze - Caffeine-Free Tea | Chai Ghai

Strawberry Summer Breeze (100g tins)


Benefits of Chai

Both tea and spices in chai tea are boiled for longer that you would brew your regular cup, so they have more time to release both the flavour and beneficial compounds.



Boosts Immune Systemn


Aids Digestion

Anti-Viral & Anti-Fungal

Our Quality

We put quality first, always. Through every step of our chai creation process we prioritize high standards of production to ensure that our customers can fully access the extensive health benefits of chai. From ingredient sourcing to manufacturing we vet every potential company and supplier and choose to only work with those who are as committed to quality assurance as we are. 

2% Of Proceeds Go To Charity

2% of proceeds from Chai Ghai sales are donated to programs in the area of health, education, addiction and mental health:

Downtown Eastside Womens Centre
DEWC is one of the few safe spaces within the Downtown Eastside exclusively for self-identified women and their children. They provide practical support to over 500 women, children and seniors, every day. As well as providing a refuge and shelter from conditions of poverty and violence, the Centre provides basic necessities

Sawa Worldwide
Sawa World helps millions of youth lift themselves out of poverty with local income solutions while also protecting the environment.

The Foundry
Foundry provides safe, non-judgmental care, information and resources, and works to reach young people earlier – before health challenges become problematic. Foundry brings health and social services together in a single place to make it easier for young people to find the care, connection and support they need.


How to make chai

There are multiple different ways to enjoy Chai Ghai products. Whether you prefer a warm cup to help with everything from a bad day to a bad cold or want an iced drink, we have curated easy recipes to follow.