Namaste | A Chai Ghai Update for October 2021



I see your light, I cherish your life, I regard it with love

As the cold weather rolls in, we have been busy warming the hearts of many new members of the Chai Ghai family, furthering our goal to change the world with each sip. We are pleased to have begun recent partnerships with four cornerstones of the South Delta community; Wellspring Health Stores, Roy's Indian Restaurant, The Roasted Bean and Satya Yoga. These establishments hold values that align with what is dear to our heart at Chai Ghai. All three work hard to strengthen the fibers within our small knit community, and together we can all build upon the notion of giving back to those within it. We would like to say Namaste to them and to you, our customers who have recently found Chai Ghai or are coming back for a second sip. We hope that chai can bring you and your family together, the way it does with ours. NAMASTE!

New Editions to the Chai Ghai Family

Wellspring Health Store

Wellspring Health Store Chai Ghai

Chai Ghai is very happy to partner with Wellspring Health, whose stores now carry all our Chai Ghai blends. Wellspring Health consists of two holistic stores located in South Delta, with one in Tsawwassen and the other in Ladner. They are a local small business that shares similar core values with Chai Ghai, especially when it relates to the mind, body and spirit connection. Their pursuit of synchronizing all three is directly aligned with the designs of our generational recipes. Take advantage of their positive vibes as they help you find what you are looking for, including any of our Chai Ghai products on offer. This type of care is exactly what we at Chai Ghai look for in partners that help make our community a better and more inclusive place to live.

Wellspring Health offers high quality, natural products and a knowledgeable staff to help better understand them. Their natural products include supplements such as, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, sports supplements as well as women’s, men’s, kids and pets choices for heart health, immune system support, blood sugar balancing and allergy relief. Many of these beneficial health properties can also be found in our chai, making a great foundation for our partnership. What's more, Wellspring Health also features other nutrient-packed health foods such as teas, super foods and dried herbs. Our Chai Ghai blends, which are mindfully designed for maximum health benefits, clearly fit very well with their offerings. Their products, much like Chai Ghai’s, seek to enlighten; bringing about collective reasoning and the search for higher understanding.

Wellspring Health also sells other products with similar healing effects that chai possesses including crystals, along with health and metaphysical books. For a more relaxing and mindful experience they offer two therapy rooms, each with a sink and massage table available to rent to holistic therapy practitioners. These curative products found at Wellspring Health can further be used in conjunction with many of our Chai Guides, to expand the mind and give energy to the 7 Chakras. The specific care in which Wellspring Health deals with their customers on a personal basis is one that Chai Ghai shares. This further makes them ideal for a partnership; one we hope will be as long as it is beneficial to our collective causes. Head to Wellspring Health stores for all of your Chai Ghai needs and clear your 7 Chakras through the restorative properties of chai.


Roy's Indian Restaurant

Chai Ghai Roy's Indian Restaurant Tsawwassen

Roy’s Indian restaurant has really been creating a buzz for itself in Tsawwassen since opening up a few years ago. They strive to create an authentic Indian dining experience much the same as we at Chai Ghai strive to create authentic Indian chai. Chef Roy has made a name for himself in the Indian community with his visionary dishes and unique palette. After he tried the entire spectrum of vibes that Chai Ghai has to offer he enthusiastically suggested a partnership. His endorsement confirms the authenticity of our delicious chai blends and we are thrilled to be able to form this new partnership with his restaurant. Chai Ghai is on a shared trajectory with Roy’s Indian restaurant and we are delighted to work together with them to help spread Indian culture throughout South Delta.

All of Chai Ghai’s unique blends are now available at Roy's Indian restaurant, an authentic choice for Indian food in Tsawwassen and we couldn’t be more excited. Roy's Indian restaurant was recently voted the 2021 Reader’s Choice Number 1 restaurant in South Delta, by Delta Optimist readers for vegetarian choices. We at Chai Ghai can attest to the outstanding menu that Chef Roy has created and know his dishes will be further enhanced with our authentic chai recipes available in his restaurant. Roy’s Indian restaurant further offers a wide variety of additional menu items including traditional meat, rice and side dishes made fresh to order, all of which pair well with any of our nine different types of chai. Roy’s Indian restaurant is the perfect choice for genuine Indian cuisine in Tsawwassen. While you are there be sure to pick up one of our Chai Ghai vibes to further enhance your experience.

The Roasted Bean

Chai Ghai The Roasted Bean Cafe

The Roasted Bean located at Northgate in Tsawwassen is the second local café, after Nat’s Coffee House, to proudly serve Chai Ghai on their menu. They are a small, thriving café specializing in hot craft beverages, who also work with small bakeries to supply gluten friendly bread, some gluten free treats and vegan items as well. Since Northgate was completed in 2016, businesses such as The Roasted Bean have been endearing themselves to Tsawwassen and helping to grow its downtown core. We at Chai Ghai are pleased to be partnered with another small business in Tsawwassen working towards improving the lives of our residents. Much like Chai Ghai The Roasted Bean contributes to our community with their positive vibes, the products they offer and by putting their customers first with great service and friendly staff. Open until 3pm every day, they are a great spot for customers looking for a hot morning or mid afternoon beverage. With one of our three signature Chai Ghai blends now in stock; Belly Dancer, Masala Chai Matcha and Vanilla Chai, they have even more high quality options to choose from. Visit them today to try any of these three Chai Ghai vibes and enjoy a mindful morning or mid afternoon moment with our newest family member The Roasted Bean.

Satya Yoga

Chai Ghai at Satya Yoga

Satya Yoga, located in Tsawwassen offers a variety of classes to choose from starting with a class for beginners. They also teach Hatha yoga, which is practiced at a slower pace and focuses on breath, body and mind using controlled movements and stretching. Another form of yoga they specialize in is Vinyasa yoga, which is characterized by smooth transitions between asanas, body poses formed during the practice of Vinyasa yoga. Chai Ghai has partnered with Satya Yoga because yoga has such a strong connection to chai, but also because they are aware just how important Seva is. Satya Yoga teaches a Karma class once a week, with donations given directly to local charities. Just like Chai Ghai, they see giving back to our community as their role in making it a better place to live. Their studio provides a space for togetherness and reflection; to explore one’s authentic self and create an open-minded dialogue with the 7 Chakras. Drinking chai after participating in a yoga class is the perfect way to prolong the mindful feelings that practicing yoga create. Satya Yoga knows this all too well so they also have a dedicated seating area outside to breath and decompress with enjoying a nice cup of tea. With that in mind the full spectrum of Chai Ghai vibes are available to enjoy at Satya Yoga as we partner together to foster the mind, body and spirit connection. Stop in at Satya Yoga for a class and a delicious cup of chai and enjoy a unique experience while opening up your true self to its full potential.

Our Latest Offering: Green Aura Matcha

Green Aura Matcha by Chai Ghai

Chai Ghai was founded with the idea of innovating the tea industry and educating those who enjoy hot beverages on the health benefits of chai. One of the healthiest teas in the world is green matcha. With that in mind we are proud to reveal our newest tea, Green Aura Matcha. This tea possesses phenomenal health and spiritual benefits and contains properties that can open up your 7 Chakras. As with our Masala Chai Matcha the tea leaves found in Green Aura Matcha are brewed whole and consumed. This creates a premium matcha powder, thus making each cup rich and full and giving it incredibly strong antioxidant properties for a long lasting energy boost and radiant positive vibe. We hope that Green Aura Matcha will become a favourite of yours, like it is for us. Relax and ascend towards a higher level of consciousness as you enjoy the tenth and newest addition to our Chai Ghai vibes.

Seva as Witnessed Through the Delta Fire Department


Delta Fire Department Donation

Seva as previously defined is the act of selfless giving; without any expected return. This is the fundamental principle by which Chai Ghai operates. Chai helps to open up the Root Chakra from which a strong base is formed in the mind, body and spirit. The Delta Fire Department also forms a strong base at the root of our community as a vital resource in Tsawwassen and is a place where Seva is on full display. When we visited their fire hall we were given a firsthand look at how they serve our community in such an important way. By pledging to keep their fire house stocked with Chai Ghai products we hope that they find the same energy and mindfulness we do while enjoying a cup of chai. As the Delta Fire Department continues to do its great work we hope they will be able to come together over a cup of chai and benefit from the healing and restorative properties found within each cup.

From Our Family - Spotlight on the Community

Jugjeet Heer

Jugjeet Heer

Jugjeet Heer, the owner of Satya Yoga and also one of its teachers is an inspiring resident of Tsawwassen. She works to improve our local community and gets inspiration herself from the quote by Maya Angelou: “Let nothing dim the light that shines from within.” Through her passionate daily practice and search for knowledge to improve her teachings at Satya Yoga, Jugjeet demonstrates the type of guidance and inspiration that is so important in a community leader. She also offers guided meditation to her students and through it works to help them reach their authentic self. Jugjeet has completed over 500 hours of yoga teacher training and has accumulated more than 2000 hours of teaching experience. She also offers a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Development Program approved by Yoga Alliance. With her commitment to yoga as a student for life, who is deeply devoted to always learning, she is an inspiration to her fellow teachers and the students who practice under her.

Jugjeet is also a strong advocate of the healing and enlightening aspects of chai, making her an ideal ally for Chai Ghai in creating a positive impact on our community. Yoga and chai offer similar benefits in helping to facilitate a mindful and self-actualizing mind, body and spirit connection. As such it is only natural that Jugjeet would serve it at Satya Yoga to further facilitate mindful personal growth in her students. Jugjeet further demonstrates her Seva by offering a karma class once a week with donations made to support local charities and has also taught many hours of Karma yoga in the Downtown Eastside. Her integrity and commitment to our community is commendable and makes Satya Yoga a very special place for those looking to embrace the unknown and discover their inner strength. Jugjeet opened Satya Yoga to welcome and share her passion for yoga by providing all who come through her door with the foundation needed to expand their mind and reach their full potential through the power of yoga.