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Procaffeinating: the tendency to not start anything until you have had your first cup of Chai




The universe aligns itself around energy that is comprised of small vibrations. Through feeling these vibrations from within, our mood can be determined or adjusted. What we put in our body understandably affects how it feels, and as a result how we interact with these vibrations. Caffeine is without a doubt a mood altering substance that can unlock energy within our body. However, just like in the principle of Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, “what goes up, must come down”. When we ingest a hot beverage such as coffee that spikes our caffeine levels, our body reacts to that rapid high, but it is soon followed by a crash. Chai provides an alternative to this crash, as caffeine is gradually released for a more prolonged, sustained energy boost that maintains a better balance of the mind, body and spirit connection.


When looking for a chai that fits your vibe there are many different varieties to choose from. These include the chai latte for added sweetness and the dirty chai latte for more of a caffeine kick. This variety includes chai’s that don’t contain caffeine, such as our very own Belly Dancer, a rooibos based chai. Chai made using natural black tea contains caffeine, with the amount in each cup controlled by how much is used along with steep time. These types of chai are featured in our Positive Vibes collection as they were designed to preserve energy levels when consumed. Alternatively, our Calm Vibes chai’s, which also includes Turmeric Tonic contain no caffeine, making them a great choice to relax with or as a sleep aid. As such, Caffeine is not the only reason to drink Chai, since it boasts a whole host of health properties derived from its various spices. These health benefits influence well-being on a mental, physical and spiritual level and are a leading cause of why chai is one of the most consumed hot beverages on the planet. For these reasons, chai has more to offer than other caffeinated beverages without the crash felt from quick, caffeine jolts more common when drinking coffee.



How Much Caffeine is in Chai

One of the great things about drinking chai is that along with its variety of choice and rich flavour profile you have express control over the amount of caffeine you consume when drinking it. This can greatly benefit your mental, physical and spiritual health. Steep your chai between 2 and 8 minutes to vary the amount of caffeine you extract from each 2 gram serving. This wait as the chai ingredients meld together into a rich elixir can be used to call forth mantras that bring focus to your thoughts as you inhale the aromas that each unique Chai Ghai blend offers. An average 8oz or 236ml cup of chai has approximately 40mg of caffeine based on an average steep time of 4 minutes. We are cognizant of how important this process is in setting the atmosphere of the chai drinking experience, one that can be refined each time it is started over again. Cut the steep time to 2 minutes and you cut the caffeine content of your chai in half, allowing you to manage how much caffeine you get from one cup. This allows you to discover what best fits into your tea time and allows you to bring synergy to your conscious through the art of the process. 




Being in control helps to alleviate any anxiety a spike in caffeine could cause and generally leads to better mental health and well being. Awareness ensues during the practice, as the preparation brings with it focus of authenticity that comes with the repetition of the act of brewing your chai. Another thing to consider is when chai is steeped for up to 10 minutes the amount of caffeine in your cup can more than double. However, this is still nearly half the caffeine content found in a standard cup of coffee of the same size. If you are in need of a caffeine boost trying chai over coffee allows you to ride that wave of energy over a longer, more sustained period. It also gives you the chance of experiencing the peaceful process of making chai, as well as all of the rich flavours and health benefits that each spice in your cup of chai has to offer.


How is Chai Good for Your Health?



Chai that contains black tea with caffeine has an array of health benefits including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as improving overall heart health. The clarity of thought and immune boosting powers brought about by our Open Hearted Chai offer a good example of this. Furthermore many other types of chai that Chai Ghai features contain cinnamon, a spice known for its numerous beneficial health properties including lowering the risk of diabetes by making it easier to control sugar cravings, thus helping to stabilize blood sugar. With the reduction in cholesterol aided by the mélange of spices in a cup of chai, including cloves and cardamom, you can also hope to see improved digestion brought on by a more settled stomach. This helps to center your Root Chakra, allowing for a strong base from which positive vibrations can radiate outward to the rest of your chakras and immune system as a whole.

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Incorporating chai into your daily exercise routine can help with weight loss as it helps to break down fat and reduce calories your body obtains from eating. While chai by itself is delicious with its assortment of flavours and vibes to choose from, adding milk, whether it’s dairy, soy or any type of nut milk only increases the richness of the experience. It also offers a nice infusion of protein to feed both your mind and body, giving you the nutrients needed for better brain activity and a more active lifestyle. Taking a travel mug of chai with you while on the go can also improve energy levels leaving you with a sharper mind and more incentive to get your daily tasks done. This helps to create a reality where you are able to operate from a position of strength in the quest to achieve your best self on a more consistent and prolonged basis.

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The feelings of well-being from chai extend beyond the mental and physical aspects by also creating a more dynamic spiritual flow through resetting the 7 Chakras and bringing into balance the mind, body and spirit connection. Drinking chai helps to create a synergy between the three on a level that reaches beyond what other hot beverages can offer. The simultaneous feeling of being both relaxed and energized is one that chai can offer in abundance. The time spent drinking chai can also be used for mindful reflection; a short recharging period that helps you stay organized with your thoughts and on task with your day. Chai in India is usually consumed with family and friends, and is renowned as a drink that brings people together. Chai is the fundamental social lubricant in Indian society and can be found in every corner of the country. A well made cup of chai is a gift to be shared with those you care about, only adding to any occasion.




Is Chai Healthier Than Coffee?

When brewing chai you can also control the amount and level of caffeine in each cup of chai based on your particular needs at that time. Since chai releases caffeine slowly, the tannins in black tea help it absorb much slower in the body, creating calm and focus, without the shock that can often be felt when drinking the same amount of coffee. For this reason, multiple cups of chai consumed over a longer period of time generate a more sustained and longer lasting feeling of energy. Compare that to drinking a similar amount of coffee that contains even more caffeine, up to double the quantity in the same size cup of chai. Chai affords you choice of flavours and variations that maximize the health properties of the spices included. When mixed with black tea and milk these different types offer a potent combination of beneficial compounds to set you on the right course to a healthier immune system and sharper, longer lasting focus.



As the healing properties of chai and the slower release of caffeine feed your mind and body over a longer period you will also be able to focus better and have less hunger cravings throughout the day. Since black tea has such a high level of tannins the antioxidant benefits found in chai are abundant. These tannins consist of compounds known as polyphenols that have a bitter but strong flavour with astringent properties, helping to cleanse the skin. This allows you to be better in touch with the energy residues of the universe creating a better relationship with it and stronger overall feelings of oneness. While cortisol elevates stress in the body a cup of chai has the effect of calming those sensations, as the lower caffeine content of chai releases less cortisol than coffee. This has a direct effect on your mental health and well being. The calmer vibes you get from a cup of chai, coupled with the energy inducing spices it contains gives chai the advantage over coffee, while still allowing caffeine lovers their daily intake.




Which Tea is Best for Sleep?

Chai is a great option when looking for a caffeinated drink in the late afternoon or evening for a relaxing night because you can control the amount of caffeine extracted by steeping it for a shorter time. Furthermore, as you look through the Chai Ghai vibes for a chai that is ideal for putting you in a peaceful mood, Belly Dancer stands out as it doesn’t contain any caffeine. Belly Dancer is an all organic blend containing tulsi and numerous other beneficial spices including rooibos and ginger that are restorative and help your immune system function at a higher level. They will also help to put you in a more serene state of mind that will hopefully lead to a better night’s sleep. Belly Dancer was designed to promote calm vibrations and feelings of tranquility; to work against anxiety brought on by the stresses of the day and allow for a restful recharge for tomorrow’s challenges.



What’s in a Chai or Dirty Chai Latte?


A chai latte is another way to prepare chai by pairing it with steamed milk and foam. It is also usually made sweeter than a typical blend of chai, often by adding syrup or honey to your cup. Another variation, the dirty chai latte contains a shot or two of espresso, vastly increasing its caffeine content by double or even triple that of a traditional cup of chai. Dirty chai lattes can be a popular hot beverage for those who crave caffeine, but perhaps wish to scale back on their consumption of it. Caffeine lovers can scale back their intake by working their way down from coffee to a dirty chai latte to a chai latte and finally a cup of chai which would have an impact on improving their health by lessening their daily caffeine consumption. This reduction would also not lower the energy they get from caffeine boosts throughout the day and could even increase those feelings as the caffeine is released more gradually. By maintaining caffeine release at this slower, more even level there is a better chance of preserving positive, good spirits for a longer period of time with less spikes and drops in mood.




Many of our chai’s, specifically those that make up our Positive Vibes, contain black tea. They can vary in caffeine content depending upon the ratio of tea used and time taken to prepare it. Chai can promote togetherness, mindfulness, and most importantly sustained energy.  Synchronizing your energy with the vibrations of the universe is an important part of finding peace and staying in the moment. For this reason, Chai Ghai has created a spectrum of vibes designed for different moments. If you are new to chai we offer a vibe spectrum sample pack (Chai Ghai) to get you started on your way to discovering what works for you. Whether it’s only caffeine you seek, or you are also looking to improve your mental, physical and spiritual health benefits promoted by the mélange of spices found in Chai, we have what you’re looking for. Come vibe with us.