May | Namaste Newsletter – Chai Ghai





“May blessings rain down upon you, the goodness in all things walk beside you and the love and light guide you home"

 As the sun defrosts our soul like a warm cup of chai, we saw Namaste to you all. The light of summer has begun to enter our hearts and we see feel a new joy in the seasonal restoration of our lives. As we now shift to cooler, iced beverages, Chai Ghai has begun to release new summer drink recipes to facilitate positive vibrations in our now warmer universe. As May ends and June begins, Chai Ghai will be exhibiting at farmers market, festivals and upcoming tradeshows. We look forward to seeing you all at these events, as we look to continue to make the world a better place with each sip. 


Summer Recipes

This May we released the first of many summer drink recipes. We featured the best way to make an iced chai latte. This incredibly balanced summer treat is sure to cool you down while still picking you up. Using our chai as the base of this drink, you still get all the incredible health benefits, like anxiety relief and cognitive stimulation, but with a new added benefit of treating the summer heat. Stay tuned for much more summer drink recipes in June, and if you missed the last one, check it out below.



Southlands Farmer's Market

Starting in June we will be attending the Southlands' Farm Market. Come visit us and try some of our hot free chai and tea samples. We will also be selling our chai there to take home. As we are based in South Delta, this market holds dear to us and we see it as an opportunity to continue to develop connections within our own community. Join us there for the opening day June 18th, and onwards. The market also features tons of other vendors, food trucks and tons of activities for everyone.


New Summer Teas

More than just summer recipes, we are also going to be doing small batch releases this summer that feature exclusive summer teas. The first one this summer will be available in the first week of June. We are featuring Summer Sunrise, a caffeine free fruit tea that contains strawberry, hibiscus, kiwi and rose hip among other things. This drink is nothing like our other teas, and is perfect for the summer time. Make sure you get yours before we run out. This small batch release will not last long. 



"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June"

– L.M. Montgomery 


As we enter the heat and warmth of summer, we wish you all happiness and summer love. Let the positive vibrations of the universe transcend into your life and family. Remember to stay cool, try something new from us, and most importantly help someone else. Seva will always cleanse the soul. Namaste.