Vancouver, British Columbia's Newest Cafe is Serving Up Authentic Indi – Chai Ghai


What is your favorite hot beverage? What soothes your soul and eases you in a time of distress and uncertainty?

For some people, coffee is the ultimate warm hug that brings them ease on a cold winter night or during the abrupt flu. But for others, chai can be a soul-saving drink that makes them feel more alive.

You may feel we are exaggerating chai over here but trust us; we aren’t! Chai is like the holy grail for South East Asians. Nobody knows how to make better tea than someone from India, Pakistan, or even Bangladesh.

So if you ever want to know what traditional chai tastes like, try it at an Indian restaurant. They offer the most authentic taste with different variations. And lucky for you, now you can taste authentic chai in the heart of Vancouver.

With the arrival of Chai Ghai in British Columbia, you now have access to a massive variety of authentic chai that will soothe your soul and leave you wanting more.

Chai Ghai - The Authentic Indian Chai

Chai Ghai started from a small town in northern India, and now, they have made their way to the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. There is just something special about chai in the Ghai family.

Perhaps, now would be the right time to tell you this is a family-owned business.

The Ghai Family loves brewing love in this delicious concoction, which has led to the origination of Chai Ghai.

Whether you’re having a bad day or cold, the Ghai Family believes all the bad days just by a small sip of their heavenly tea. This is why they have made a home base in Columbia, so far from India, and hope to spread goodness worldwide.

What is the Best Part About Chai Ghai?

Wondering what is so good about Chai Ghai? The thing is that this business isn’t just a source of monetary value for the family, but they want to create a legacy.

Every recipe and every concoction Chai Ghai has to offer comes from their ancestral recipes. These sacred family recipes that not many people would share with the world are mixed with modern ingredients, producing a deliciousness you won’t get over.

If you are always willing to explore the authentic taste of food and beverages, then you must try out Chai Ghai. There is something delicious and soulful about Indian Chai.

The concoction is made from the finest ingredients. The aroma is uplifting, and it tastes heavenly. Lucky for you, now you will not have to travel all the way to India when you can easily have the most authentic Indian chai right here in Vancouver.

But what is it about Indian chai that makes it so amazing? Let’s find out.

Top 4 Things You Must Know About Indian Chai

Chai is a staple in the Ghai Family and all across India. If you have ever been to India even once, you will know how much of a part tea plays in their lives. You will find plenty of roadside restaurants across the country offering different variations of Chai.

In fact, chai is in the culture of South East Asia. If there is one thing you will find familiar among the citizens of these different countries, it’s undoubtedly Chai.

So, what makes Indian Chai so unique? Let’s find out.

The Massive Variety

Although the base for Indian chai is milk, black tea, sugar, and water, this is the basic recipe followed everywhere in the world.

But what makes Indian chai so different from the rest are the various ways you can brew it per your preference and mood. You may have heard about Masala Chai which offers a unique spicy taste by brewing different warm spices, including cloves, cardamom, and star anise.

Then there is Ginger Chai that, as the name suggests, includes adding ginger to the recipe for a unique twist to the regular tea. This tea is also great for soothing yourself during a cold winter night or clearing your sinus.

There are other variations, like the Chai Latte, then Earl Grey with a twist. Bottom line, Indians have a knack for chai, and they can bring their twist to it by juggling the ingredients here and there.

Chai Everywhere & Anywhere

Another fantastic thing about Indian chai is that it goes everywhere. The fact that you will conveniently find a roadside restaurant every 10 meters in India serving you the most authentic taste should be enough to convince you.

These tea stalls will serve you the warmest cup of tea, and the aroma of consistent brewing will take your breath away. If you’re having a bad day, there is chai. If you’re having trouble with your boss, there is chai. If you’re meeting a friend, there is chai.

And the best part about these tea stalls is they are incredibly cheap. Indians never had to worry about not having tea because they didn’t have money. And even at the lowest price, the chai of these roadside stalls never disappoints.

An Emotion & Feeling

If you have Indian friends, you must have heard them mention chai at least once during the conversation. Because for them, chai is an emotion, a feeling that can never be described.

For them, chai is the solution to all their problems. Whether they are having trouble at work or stressed due to heartache, chai can solve everything for them. Whenever Indians would like to celebrate something, they’d have their family over for chai and laugh their hearts out.

After a tiring day, if you’d like all your stress to go away, there is no better way to end your day than with a steaming hot cup of tea. And it isn’t just about Indians anymore. People from around the globe prefer having chai over anything else because of its aroma and how it instantly soothes your being.

Perfect for All Seasons

Another reason why tea wins over most other beverages is because of its high level of versatility.

You will easily find people sipping a hot cup of tea when it’s drizzling and there is a hint of cold in the air or even during a scorching summer day. You don’t have to limit your tea intake according to the weather.

Similarly, tea can be accompanied by several condiments as, when it is raining outside, you can serve chai with crispy onion rings and enjoy your tea party. Or, during the hot summer days, you can have it with a few biscuits while watching your favorite TV show in the evening.

You can always try different combinations of foods to serve your tea with and will never be disappointed.

Your Cup of Chai Awaits!

So, chai is like the holy grail you never knew you needed in your life. As part of the Ghai family tradition, chai is like soul food. It brings you ease on a distressing day while it doubles your joy during a celebration.

People in India are devotees of chai, and nobody does it better than Chai Ghai. They have a variety of teas to offer you, and if you’d like to enjoy the most authentic Indian taste while living abroad, there is no better choice than landing at Chai Ghai.

Their sacred family recipes and original Indian taste will make you fall in love with a beverage as simple as tea. So, ensure you drop by Chai Ghai the next time you’re in Vancouver!