Namaste| A Chai Ghai Update For November



“Tea tempers the spirit, harmonizes the mind, dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens the thought and prevents drowsiness.” – Lu Yu, The Classic Art of Tea


Namaste Chai Ghai family. Our soul honours your soul; we honour the entire place where the whole universe resides. We honour the light, the love, truth, beauty and peace within you because it is also within us. In sharing these principles we are united, we are the same, we are one. Winter has arrived, and along with it comes the cold, frosty vibrations of the universe. The nostalgia of contrasting the cold vibrations of winter with the hot vibrations of a spice infused cup of chai, truly warms our soul and awakens our inner child. To welcome winter properly, Chai Ghai is pleased to share that we have two new teas to add to our Chai Ghai family, designed to both warm your hearts and souls. While neither tea falls under the category of chai, as they don’t contain traditional Indian spices, they are two of the most delicious teas we have ever tasted. These teas have been carefully named to reflect their essence and as such are called Mindfully Green, a jasmine green tea and Dapper Coronel, an orange pekoe. We also wish to bring to light our newest gift set which will arrive just in time for Christmas. As the Chai Ghai family continues to grow we look for inspiration from within it. By spotlighting those who share the same energy as Chai Ghai we continue to help each other change the world with every sip. This month we want to say Namaste to Joshua Jackai. As the wintry weather settles in for the season Chai Ghai looks to expand on and strengthen our recent work with non-profits such as the Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter, the Foundry, and Sawa. Without question it is getting colder out there for those in need both in Vancouver, and across the world. We want to continue to do our part to make the universe a warmer place by changing the world with every sip.



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Mindfully Green




Our newest tea, Mindfully Green, is a delicious jasmine green tea that exudes flavours that are ubiquitous with those found along the Great Wall of China. Mindfully Green is produced through a sustainable way of thinking that embraces the importance of fair trade and environmental impact, issues of ever increasing significance in our world. Chai Ghai is also a strong proponent of the Ethical Tea Partnership, an NGO that is dedicated to the improvement and sustainability of those who work in the tea industry. The initiative of being “mindfully green” not only speaks to these issues, but to the overall connectedness between human beings and nature and how we can all engage in more pro-environmental behaviour. If we increase our mindfulness particularly about how we impact our Earth we can be better intune with it on all levels of consciousness. With those thoughts in mind our Mindfully Green tea offers a full green tea flavour with an astringent if slightly heady bouquet for a superior sensory experience. We think this tea is a worthy addition to our growing spectrum of vibes and hope it will reconnect consumers with nature in a profound way.

Mindfully Green and Healthy: An Indirect Path from Mindfulness to Ecological Behavior (


Dapper Colonel 



We also would like to salute the Dapper Colonel, as we introduce this absolutely world class tea to the positive vibes portion of our vibe spectrum. This tea is held close to our hearts at Chai Ghai, as we have named it after our esteemed Grandfather, Col. Surinder Dev Maini, who at 94, still enjoys a cup of this orange pekoe daily. Col. Maini while enlisted, would retire in his private quarters for the night, and enjoy a cup of orange pekoe with his beautiful wife. It was a relaxing part of his daily reprieve; one we are delighted to share with you. This small batch craft tea finds its origins in Sri Lanka and is made from outstanding orange pekoe leaves that can be enjoyed by all tea lovers. It is a heart-warming tea with many health inducing and antioxidant properties that work to counteract free radicals in the body. Much like Colonel Maini, Chai Ghai’s Dapper Colonel radiates positivity, love and just a hint of intrigue; making it a must try.





Christmas Gift Set


With Christmas just around the corner, we would like to bring to light our newest Christmas gift sets. This year we will be offering Chai Ghai signature tea cups, as well as our own Chai Ghai tea pot, to go along with our signature chais and teas. These packages come in gift boxes making them the perfect gift for any chai or tea lover. Christmas is the season of giving and with that sentiment in mind we want to offer you something truly unique this holiday. Gifting your loved ones an authentic Indian vibe will surely make you the favourite gift giver of the season. Stay tuned for more information and pictures for these one of a kind gift sets!


From Our Family - Spotlight on the Community

Joshua Jackai



Many of you who follow us on social media have viewed our posts, read our blogs, and looked at our ads as well. Without question Chai Ghai recognizes the importance of marketing, for widening our online presence that helps us in our quest to make social change in the universe. The secret sauce to our incredible marketing is a gentleman by the name of Joshua Jackai. Joshua Jackai, the founder of Jackai Agency and Front Rvnners street wear, has been an extremely valuable asset to our Chai Ghai team. He has helped us develop our brand online, and doesn’t shy away from hard work. Josh works weekends and late nights to bring you all of Chai Ghai’s social media posts, videos and advertisements. Thank you Josh; the light in us recognizes the light in you, Namaste!

Home - Frontrvnners Streetwear - 1162658 B.C. LTD. – Joshua Jackai: Digital marketing Agency | Clothing designer




As frost bites the blades of grass, and the leaves and geese complete their descent, we want to wish our entire Chai Ghai family a warm and wonderful winter. As we continue to enrich our universe with authentic Indian traditions, such as sharing a cup of chai and giving back with Seva, we want to ensure that our positive vibrations enlighten your lives. We honour our Indian traditions and are excited to forge new ones as well. Namaste!