August| Namaste Newsletter – Chai Ghai





"I honour the place within you in which the entire universe dwells"


As we shift from warmer weather to cooler weather, we must embrace the coolness with warmth. The pressing of two hands together along with the phrase namaste is the warm welcome Fall deserves. Reflecting back on August, the Chai Ghai family is full of gratitude. We announced our winner for our holistic health day contest who won a huge holistic health package from Saje, Wellspring Health and of course Chai Ghai. We also announced our small batch release of our South African Cranberry herbal tea.  We also collected enough to donate small care packages for the women in the downtown eastside of Vancouver who are homeless. These packages will be given to the Downtown Eastside Women's Center, a cause we have been supporting since our inception. 


Holistic Health Day Contest Winner 


In July we held a contest for holistic health day, a day that honours the holistic health practices that Chai Ghai is very aligned with. All of our chais and teas are designed with holistic health benefits just as they were created centuries ago in India. Therefore, this day was very special to us. We partnered with Saje Wellness, and Wellspring Health stores to create an amazing prize. The winner was Khadija Khalid. Congrats Khadija and we hope you enjoy your amazing gift bundle. As we seek to deliver the cultural significance of Chai in India, we feel it is important to remind our Chai Ghai family that chai is a holistic health drink that awakens our soul with caffeine and strengthens it with the added health benefits of the masala spices. Namaste Khadija.


Small Batch Release: South African Cranberry


This month we are proud to release a special herbal tea called South African Cranberry. This small batch release  features lightly astringent cranberry that  blends well with healthy rooibos root found off the Cederberg mountain range. Rosehip and lime leaves balance out this organic delight which can be served hot or cold. This small batch release is blended with ingredients from four different countries making it short in supply. The rooibos means it is decaffeinated, which makes this the perfect after dinner tea. Try this small batch release while quantities last.


  Downtown Eastside Care Packages


Over the past few months we have collected proceeds to put together care packages for the women of the downtown eastside of Vancouver. We want to make sure we radiate love to the women who are not fortunate enough to find shelter during the upcoming cooler months. Thank you to our Chai Ghai family for your loyalty as each of your purchases went towards helping these women. We will providing these packages to the Downtown Eastside Women's Center a partner of ours since our inception. Namaste to you all, and thank you for bringing us closer to our goal of making the world a better place with each sip.


"Seva is just an expression for our inner love"

-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar




The universe is a divine place where we come together to embrace love. Love is the essence of our being. As we live to love, we learn how to love to live. With more exciting things happen every day with Chai Ghai, the most exciting is learning different way to do seva. The selfless act of giving is our ultimate way of expressing love. Namaste 🙏🏾