April | Namaste Newsletter – Chai Ghai





"True happiness is to learn how to live beyond the imperfections"

- Rita Maatta

The divine light in us recognizes the divine light in you where the universe resides. Our growing team at Chai Ghai would like to humbly thank you all for your support, love and praise as we further work to make the world a better place with each sip. To further help reach this goal, we are happy to announce the arrival of two more members to the Chai Ghai family, Jarry's Market and Oh Carolina Cafe and Grocery. Namaste to you both. April also had us unveiling a new ChocoChai small batch just in time for Easter. Find our what we have in store for May and get excited for our amazing summer iced tea recipes coming soon. 

 Welcome to the Family 


We are pleased to reveal that Chai Ghai can now be found at Jarry's Market in Ladner Village. Jarry's is a grocery store in south delta that is renowned for specialty products. They now feature Chai Ghai on their shelves where all of our vibes can be found. We look forward to continuing to work with grocery stores like Jarry's to make our chais and teas as available as possible to our loyal customers. If you are looking for our chais and teas, make sure to head to Jarry's in Ladner. Namaste Jarry's Market, we appreciate you immensely. 



We also very excited to announce that a variety of our chai and teas are now available HOT in Vancouver! Oh Carolina is located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, and is a premier destination for food and coffee in the area. They have recently added our chais and teas to their menu to further provide the best quality food and beverages to their loyal customers in Vancouver. Our hearts and intentions are completely aligned, as we both work hard to protect our environment with sustainable products and help our community with helpful initiatives. Namaste Oh Carolina, we look forward to working together to solve our common goals of making the world a better place.




Small Batch Releases 


Chai Ghai has been doing small batch releases for a few months now. We offered Craft Early Grey, Indian Ginseng, and this month ChocoChai. We get a small batch of tea from a select garden that only has limited quantities of it thus making it small batch. Although these teas are limited in quantity, we also only offer them for one week out of the year further limiting their availability. Based on demand, we have decided to change this and offer them on a unique part of our website called small batch releases. They will be available until they are sold out. Small batch releases will be available on our website sometime in May. So for those of you who wanted a small batch release and didn't order it during its allotted week or tried one and loved it,  rest assured that they will be returning. 


Mother's Day Sale


Starting the first week of May we are offering a Mother's day sale. We are offering 20% off all orders and a free 50G pouch of Mummyjis Masala Chai ($8.95 in value). The reason behind offering Mummyji's for free is close to the hearts of the Chai Ghai family. Mummyji was the matriarch of the Ghai family and the biggest proponent of Chai having medical properties. It was in her honour that Chai Ghai was created. Therefore, on mother's day, we wanted to celebrate Mummyji by offering a free bag of Mummyji's to all customer through the week. Namaste and Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's in this universe, your love delicate care humbles us.


“Every flower blooms in it's own time"

- Ken Petti


Through the floral scents that flood the air, and the clearing of our sky, we welcome the sun into our lives and heart. The light it provides us brightens our lives. We are excited to embark into summer with some new recipes to cool you down, and some old recipes to wake you up. We are excited to continue to grow as a team and as well as individuals with a single focus of making the world a better place with each sip. To our entire Chai Ghai family, we say Namaste and bless you as you have blessed us.