June| Namaste Newsletter – Chai Ghai





 “The Divine in me honours the divine in you.”


Inhale positivity and exhale negativity as you cleanse your chakras and create an aura that glistens in the ever present sun rays this summer. Let gratitude be your compass and enlightenment be your destination, as you proceed into the warm summer months. Last month we featured some incredible summer drinks. In June we were fortunate enough to exhibit at our first Farmers market. There we served this summer concoctions and enjoyed sharing our Indian vibes with everyone. We also have had the pleasure of going on a chai and spice tour across India. This was finally possible now that covid is less impactful. This inspired us, taught us and reengage us with what is ever so important to our business...Chai and Indian culture. We are looking forward to some incredible small batch releases in the coming months that have been curated on this trip. Finally, we will be raising money on Jul 16th at the Tsawwassen Farmer's Market for Delta Hospital donating $1 from each sale to the Hospital. Namaste, we see your light Delta Hospital and frontline workers across the globe.


Farmer's Markets

June was the first of many farmer's markets that Chai Ghai will be attending this summer. With some light rain and weather that was more like March then June, people were lined up outside our booth, wanting to try our hot authentic Indian chai. The love and support was overwhelming. We look forward to continue to serve our communities in BC with fresh authentic chai and love talking all realms of tea with the many people who join us at these wholesome events. Thank you to everyone who joined us, and thank you to all the partnering local vendors who stood alongside us. In July we look to continue to attending such markets, and furthermore have pledged to donated $1 from each sale to the Delta Hospital. This is of course on top of the proceeds we donate from all transactions with Chai Ghai. This is will help further our goal of making the world a better place with each sip. Namaste, and we look forward to seeing you all in July at more events.




India Chai and Spices Tour 

Our commitment to providing authentic Indian chai has not waivered since our inception. Now that Covid has somewhat subsided in India, we deciding to head to India on a Chai and Masala spices tour. As we know learning is a life long commitment, we were excited to further our understanding of Chai and Indian culture. 

The pursuit of a truly authentic cup of chai has been our goal since day one. We have curated tons of different small batch releases for future dates. From Darjeeling teas to ultra spicy chais, we look forward to sharing the different tastes which have enlightened our buds.  Namaste to all the people who hosted us in India and helped us seek out the very best Chais and Teas that India has to offer.

  Beat the heat at Nat's Coffee House

Nat's Coffee House at Tsawwassen Springs golf course has long been a strong and loyal partner of us. They are currently offering our summer tea collection. They have a beautiful nitro cold brew iced tea as well as our Strawberry Summer Breeze. Head over to Nat's to try these artisan crafted drinks by their superior barista who are trained in the art of chai and tea. These incredibly brewed summer specials are the best way to beat the heat this summer. 

"I honour the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one."



The universe is divine and full of peace and tranquility. Make our mind still and returning to the moment, we can full embrace this tranquility and see the beauty in everything. We want to thank all of our Chai Ghai family for your continued loyalty, love and passion. As we continue to learn together, we know there is no end to to our pursuit of the perfect cup of chai, after all each sip is perfect if we allow it to be. Namaste 🙏🏾